Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My New Car

What do you think? Is it me or what?

Okay its only my new car temporarily! And I would never pick this no offense to those who like it. I was driving home from work today and my van overheated. They think something punctured the radiator. So then I had to wait for roadside service, FHP stopped and I had just talked him into leaving when some nonEnglish speaking visitors came along. Poor guy is a rookie and they freaked him out - so he decided he had to wait the 45 minutes with me until the tow truck came. Then my darling husband, who has now come home to relieve the babysitter who had to be somewhere else, decides I should just ride with the tow truck driver to the dealership where I can get a rental. I am not happy about this - especially since the driver has now commented on whether I am married or not, for how long, how the FHP guy stayed with me because I was "pretty" and I must be smart too to handle this on my own without my husband. Ew! Maybe he was trying to be nice but he was creeping me out! Of course Todd told me he would call the dealer and let them know I needed a rental and was on my way - did I mention he did not do this? Oy vey! Its been a long day...seems like a good reason to go out to dinner to me.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas: The Picture Version

Making gingerbread men on the 23rd:

On Christmas Eve we went to the candlelit service at our church and then picked up pizza on the way home. Its a silly tradition but fun! We also set out cookies and milk for Santa, broccoli for the reindeer (Tristan said they eat all veggies but just carrots) and the kids opened new pajamas to wear to bed.

The next morning everyone checked out their stockings (including Max) and then looked to see what gifts Santa brought. Santa brought Max a huge bone with yummy filling and Tori and Tristan each a Nintendo DS - they were shocked but very excited!

We went to my mom and dad's for a yummy brunch of quiche, caramel rolls and potato bake. We opened gifts there and mommy and daddy were just as surprised as the kids. We got a Wii!!! The kids also got a karoake machine (much to my dismay)! In the afternoon we set up some of our new toys and played. My dad and brother playing darts and the kids singing Camp Rock.


My parents wanted a picture with all their "grands" - kids and dogs! It was a bit of a nightmare getting the pictures but its not half bad. .

We finished the evening with an Italian dinner here at home with Todd's brother Brett and his family. All in all it was a nice day. We were all spoiled and had great fun giving the gifts we had bought for people!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas All!

Have a wonderful night and a wonderful day tomorrow.

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given."
Don't forget the reason for the season!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gift Cards Anyone?!

While the economy warns against them this year I know many of us still give them and if you're anything like me you know they'll love 'em but still feel a little bit guilty about buying the "easy gift." So put a little effort in (I know most of your scrapbook and have a paper stash) with these easy to make but SO super cute boxes. Picture and free pattern by Heather Bailey - check out her blog on the link to the right, or below to get the pattern.

You can find samples and patterns here!

Monday, December 22, 2008

More Holiday Fun

The kids have had their parties, we looked at Christms lights, the holiday dinner groceries have been purchased and I got to do something special with a special friend!

Sunday I went to the matinee performance of the Nutcracker. The last time I had seen it I had been in school still, working still, had toddlers and was overall exhausted before I got there. Add exhaustion to classical music and a dark theater and it was all I could do to keep my eyes open. I had seen it has a little girl and then multiple times as a teenager and remembered loving it. So going back it was wonderful to recapture what I remembered loving - the elegant costumes, the beautiful music and the gracefulness of the performers. After taking so many years of classical ballet and then having had nothing to do with it for so long it was wonderful to go back and see it done so well. Add that to lunch with a fun friend and a "no kids" afternoon it was just so relaxing and put me in the holiday spirit even more.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Couple more days...

I cannot believe that time flew by so fast!!! A whole 'nother week is gone. Yikes. Just a couple more days until Christmas.

I finished shopping for everyone but my grandma and picking up my brothers gift and everything is wrapped, hidden if need be, baked and decorated.

We had a lovely lazy day today...yummy Mexican for dinner and now I am gonna hit the couch and watch a big list of shows I DVR'ed all week! Just realized it had been a week and thought I should post that all is well.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend

It was such a crazy weekend. I did manage to drag myself out of bed some Friday, feeling only slightly better and sounding terrible but up nonetheless. Tori had practice for both swimming and the Christmas musical Friday night alongside Tristans soccer practice so Todd and I spend the evening running kids back and forth. Then I had to work Friday night. While I was sleeping Saturday morning Todd did an awesome job of getting Tori to her dress rehearsal and Tristan to his soccer game. I woke up just in time to go to Rhiannon's jewelry party and then we went to a parade in Dunedin. I took a couple of pictures but the way the barricades were they dont show the parade, just the kids so I am not posting them, cute but not exciting.

Todd and I went out on a date Saturday night - it was so cold! But so nice. We had a leisurely dinner at TGIF's and then went Christmas shopping. I know this sounds like a lame date but it was so relaxing. Even our dates are usually built around a move schedule or meeting friends or being home by a certain time, etc...so this was awesome. We just took our time, wandered around a few stores. I am happy to say we are done!!!

Sunday was Toris musical followed by a lazy afternoon. We did stop by the mall to see Santa (this is probably the last time). Tori told Santa she wanted earrings, so when Todd asked her if he thought she was good and would get them she said "Yeah because they are cheap." Lovely!

All in all it was a busy but nice weekend. I slept in this morning and everyone else if off to school or work. I have to work nights all this week, covering for someone who ended up hospitalized. Blah!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I thoroughly hate being sick. So I went to work today but cannot sit in a chair for long periods of time without my head feeling likes it is going to implode. My nose is stuffy but the sinus pressure is ridiculous right now. So I just woke up from a 3 hour nap and am alterating between reading and pacing my house. Fun! This weekend is SO busy I really need to get well ASAP.

Monday, December 8, 2008

3 Trees

I have had more comments than usual about how crazy it is that we have so many trees. So I thought I would share them. I love them and I feel the need to explain them, because then they seem perfectly normal.

We have three Christmas trees. We have a 7.5 ft and rather wide tree in my living room, its pretty and matches my furniture. Yes you did read that right. It broke this year (see story below) so we will be replacing it this year with a 10 ft tree but same concept. All the ornaments ares gold and white. Its my "pretty" tree. Or my department store tree as Todd calls it. Much prettier at night but this pic will have to do!

We also have a 7 ft tree in the bedroom. This is a pencil tree (think ridiculously skinny) and has all of our sentimental ornaments on it. I got a round ornament each year (Fraggle Rock, Smurfs, Gators, Barbie, etc) growing up and I get an ornament for each of my kids each year (cruise ships, mickey ears, spiderman, etc). And of course there are all those ornaments the kids make. So this is my nostalgic aka traditional tree complete with colored lights.
Lastly I have my snowman tree. I have collected gobs of snowmen over the years but some are just too tiny to display. So they get there own tree - a tiny 3ft tree Charlie Brown tree, its kind of sad but it has that vintage homespun feel I like, and that most of my snowman resemble.

See dont you feel the need to get another tree now?! Honestly if I thought it was a battle I could win I would put up a sports tree in Tristans room and a "FL" tree in Toris room (you know like flamingos, santa surfing, etc). Pretty sure Todd would say no way so I'll be content with these!

My Little Nerds

Beware proud mom moment ahead...

As I posted before Tristan was awarded Character Kid for November for the entire kindergarten class. He had a ceremony and was on the morning announcements(thats what the other picture was) and that was ok to him. He got an article in the paper which he also was ok about it. But this caused yelling, screaming, LOOK MOM MY NAME IS ON A SIGN kind of excitement.

Tori also won an award - artist of the month - for the entire school. She did an etching (think black with colors on top of it). The etching is in a frame in the school courtyard and will be entered in a county wide contest. She also received a paper certificate and some coupons.

Friday, December 5, 2008

$12 Jeans

I missed the last sale which made me nuts so consider this my daily service announcement:

Tomorrow (Saturday jeans at Old Navy are on sale for 12.00!!!!

Read this!

Okay I dont care if you are atheist, agnostic, protestant, Jew or Hindu this is a great book. It is so funny and really quite fascinating. Most of you know I was born and raised and am raising my children in the Protestant faith. I am a firm believer in the Bible, the Holy Trinity and Jesus as messiah. That being said my faith may have led me to an interest in this book but has NO bearing whatsoever on my recommendation. I can honestly say this writer begins his journey as an agnostic and I am not done so I do not know how it ends. Only that its informative, enlightening and downright funny. This guy also wrote a book called The Know it All about reading the entire Encycloped Brittanica and that might be next on my list!

Check it out...The Year of Living Biblically; One Mans Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible by A. J. Jacobs (editor at large for Esquire magazine).

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sense of Style

I bought Tori this really cute shirt at Childrens Place yesterday because she was in desperate need of some long sleeve tees and we have not had much time to shop together. So I lay out clothes before I go to work in the morning and I leave this shirt and a pair of yoga pants she picked out on another shopping trip. So today she gets in the car and says she's not sure about the shirt and when I ask why she says...

"It's just not me, I'm more of a girlie girl rock star."

Of course why did I not think of that?! She cracks me up.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas has arrived

While Black Friday and Starbucks Gingersnap Latte's kick off my Christmas season it has not fully arrived until certain things are done. Namely the decorations are up and the first batch of cookies is making the house smell yummy.

Couple of pictures...Tristan putting on the crown of thorns & Tori putting on the star, Todd aiding in both!

Max got a little stressed by the chaos, running between boxes and then finally giving up and collapsing on the couch to watch the rest of the festivities. Ain't he cute?

My snowman collection has grown to 60+ and I just love pulling them out each year. I love remembering where I got each one or who got it for me. The one on the left Tori and Todd gave me her 3rd Christmas, and Todd wrapped it without putting it in the box and the carrot nose popped right out of the paper, it was hilarious!

Last but not least a funny picture with a funny story. We have a fake tree, this is FL, lots of people do. And ours is pretty real looking but this year the top broke, we've had it since our first Christmas...so we had to rig the top. In doing so Todd decided to just jam the star on top so our tree looked like a triangle with the point cut off (a tall skinny trapezoid for you math people) with a ridiculous star on top. Well I had the giggles and the camera simultaneously and just started taking random pictures of Todd who was getting very frustrated with the tree, and me who was celebrating because this means at the end of this year I can buy the 10 ft tree I really wanted but couldn't justify bc I already had a perfectly good tree - and no I did not break it - so I snapped this picture. I love this face...its the face I get when hes trying to being mad at me and is about to be sarcastic but he can't stop smiling/laughing to spit it out. Shhh, noone tell him I posted it, its not super flattering :-)
Sorry if you are just reading this Todd made me remove the picture so you'll just have to imagine it!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

I love Black Friday. Not that the sales were all that great but I love the crowds and the excitement and the chaos and that it officially kicks off my Christmas season. So I left my house at 3:30 am this morning, shopped until 7:30 and made it work at 8! I got some great deals at Old Navy, nothing at Kohls, nothing at Macys, and a couple of okay deals at Target...not to mention time spent with a great friend I dont get to see often and a yummy cup of Barnies coffee.

So did you shop today?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope this days find you thankful for many things, full of yummy food and surrounded by loving family.

I thought about writing about the things I am thankful for today after reading my friend Jenni's blog. But I decided I have one ultimate thanks that encompasses them all.

I am thankful for my Lord and creator. I am thankful that he has protected my family through accidents, economic crises, illness, and a million other dilemmas. I am thankful for the amazing family and friends he has brought into my life to share each day, each tear and each laugh with. I am thankful for the man he gave me as a husband, the children he gave me to care for, and even the silly puppy that drives me bananas but brings warm fuzzies all the same. I am thankful for the earth he created that I continue to live in and enjoy the benefits of and I am thankful for the strength he grants in abundance as long as I remember to ask for it, and sometimes even when I don't. I am thankful that despite that Thanksgiving is about pilgrims and indians I have the freedom to be thankful for my God without worry of persecution.

I hope that you have a blessed and wonderful thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Twilight Movie

So I went to see Twilight with some friends last night and it was GREAT! I went in with no expectations, knowing it would pale in comparison to the book, and it did but the movie was really wonderful for a movie. I would not have done the same casting but it worked out. And in the end I really liked the Bella and Edward they picked out.

However as the ending credits roled I remember why I hate movie series...now I have to wait - like a year I'm sure - to see the next and I wanted more right at that moment. My inner two year old was stomping her feet screaming now, now, now in my head. Oh well.

So if you haven't seen it - go see it, whether you read the book or not its a good little chick flick with a few vampires thrown in!

Monday, November 24, 2008


We're back! It was wonderful, I have changed my tune though. If you have kids save for Disney, there a million more things to do as a family. The port of calls were great - we went to Key West and Cozumel - and we had a great time. As all vacations it was a tad too short but its always good to come home. And it was great to pick up Max and have him with us again! Here's a few pictures...

Leaving Tampa...pretty isn't it?

Todd and I on the coast in Mexico.

We went on the Trolley tour of Key West - lots of cool information and it was a beauitful day for it. We also had a yummy lunch at a local Cuban restaurant, Le Mason de Pepe.


Pulling into Cozumel...

The kids on the rockwall - at the top ringing the bell, 200 ft above sea.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Last Thursday Tristan was honored as the kindergarten character kid - this is the school's version of a student of the month. They get to go on the morning news, get a free tshirt, pencil and chick-fil-a meal. A newspaper article will be coming soon.

Here's a picture of the Maddex boys, this was Saturday - they hung out, ordered pizza, played darts, etc. This is just on the back porch, nothing fancy.

And lastly yesterday (Tues) was the kids annual Turkey Trot. The kids aren't all that fast but they sure had fun. These are the tshirts they get for running.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Life as I know it may return to normal.

Todds birthday went great. He was shocked and thrilled to see all of his brothers in one place, had a blast playing poker all night, and is looking forward to a weekend with them.

The fall festival is over. The inflatables are deflated, the hay picked up by a vet friend and the bills all paid. Hallelujah!

Now I need a long winters nap, and a cruise. :-)

Friday, November 14, 2008

41 hours

Thats how long I ended up being up for yesterday...I did get one 45 minute nap and one 25 minute nap so it wasn't straight but still man I crashed hard last night!

Yesterday when I got off work I had been up for about 25 with a tiny nap which is fairly normal for me. Then I went to the kids school and saw Tristan's thing, went and got the hay (which took WAY longer than I had planned, I had forgotten how heavy hay was). Then I had to make one stop at the mall which happened to be right near Todds dad where I was dropping the truck and it just seemed easier. Then I managed to get home and lay down - but the dog had to go out, the pest control guy came, the UPS man knocked and someone dropped an umbrella on the sidewalk so the nice lady walking her dog had to knock and see if it belonged to us! Argh - now I have to go get the kids. Then Tori has a private swim lesson at our pool so I have to walk down there...by this time its 4:30 in the afternoon and Todd will be home in an hour. Of course then I am too lazy to cook so off we go to dinner. Then my AMAZING friend Christie, came and helped me with a crappy project at 9 and by the time they signs we made were done and the paint put away I crawled into bed at midnight!

Anyway I got a good 7 hrs last night and am ready to hit the road running. Wish me luck today as I have tons to do and I have to be done by 5!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

5 AM

and I am tired but happy because this is my last night on the night schedule here at the hospital. I work a couple days next week, go on vacation until Thanksgiving and come back to a set schedule! I will be working Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fridays which is perfect.

So its 5 am, I have been up since 7:15 yesterday morning with an hour nap and I have about 6 hours to go before I can sleep. Tristan is receiving an award this morning at school so Todd and I have to go see the presentation, then I have to switch cars with my father in law, pick up 10 bales of hay, and switch vehicle back and then I can go to sleep for a couple of hours.

I brought a book, The Shack, haven't started it but heard great things but my eyes are killing me. And I think its the kind of book you have to pay attention too ya know?

I am really excited for this weekend. I hope Todd loves his surprise and I have tickets with Taylor and my mom to go see Phantom of the Opera. I have seen it before but neither of them have. Love it.

Alright back to work, pictures to come this weekend of lots of fun stuff...birthdays, fall festivals, soccer, swimming, etc.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Deja Vu

Scroll down for pictures of Todd's "new" SUV. See directly below what happens when it takes on a deer.

10 days, we've owned the car 10 days. And my toilet is broken and this is the most stressful week of the year.

But Todd walked away again, thank God for small miracles.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend Update...

Not like the SNL version, a real one.

Friday night I went and saw The Secret Life of Bees. It was great, very true to the book. Saturday was soccer ALL morning. We had photos and then a game (which Tristan made 4 of the 5 goals this week). We had a nice day of getting errands done and cleaning up. Dave and Rhiannon invited us down to the beach with them so we all had dinner at the Palm Pavillion and then walked on the beach, for five minutes...it was so windy (translate cold). This apparently did not phase Ty in the least as he army crawled through the freezing sand, too cute.

Today I attended a charity lunch at the Safety Harbor Spa, I was very young compared to the other guests but it was nice. They had Chinese auctions (I won a princess for a day package for Tori - two childrens hairdos, two manicures and a basket of hair junk). They also had a fashion show which was remarkably good, stuff noone else in the room would wear but still fun.

I guess its that time of day, gotta go switch some laundry, pick up after everyone, tuck the kids in and get ready for another crazy week! Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Let me introduce you to Brett...my daughters boyfriend.


Yet Brett has called 6 times in 3 days to talk to Tori. Apparently he has his own cell phone and is allowed to call her on it. Then when I thought it was bad it got worse...she brought him a stuffed animal today without telling Todd or I about it and he brought her a necklace, a hemp necklace but a necklance nonetheless that she is now wearing. I ask her why shes wearing it and she's says "Because its from Brett, he had his brothers girlfriend make it!"

God grant me the peace...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Neat quote/Sad death.

Thought this was a neat quote...

"Rosa Parks sat so that MLK could walk, MLK walked so that Obama could run..."

And this is sad to me...Michael Crichton, author of The Adromeda Strain, Jurassic Park, Congo and a boatload of other great books and co-writer of "ER" died today at age 66 of cancer.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is November over yet?

Okay not that I want it to be over...but if we could skip to the 20th that would be fabulous. This first 2 weeks is totally overwhelming for me...Todds birthday, the fall festival, orthodontist appts, and of course I took on extra hours at work because I wanted play money for our cruise. After 2 days of being out of my house for almost 12 hours straight of work and kids activities only to come home to make a meal and do laundry I am OVER it! OVER it. And of course I want to lose 5 lbs before the dumb cruise so despite that I am so tired I can hardly fold laundry neatly I am trying to run 3 miles daily.

Todays the 4th? 16 days...in 16 days I will be sailing off to Mexico with a drink in my hand, and coming home to thanksgiving and shopping and Christmas decorations...let the countdown begin!


I hope everyone voted today or prior today!

While observing the insane lines on my way to work today I had this interesting thought.

People argue for the "separation of church and state" on a regular basis and yet 9 out of 10 polls I passed today were located where? Yep churches. Funny how we can't let them affect our decisions but we need them as conveniences often...polling places, welfare assistance when the system can't handle one more, aid for those who need it faster than the government can process the paperwork, and prayer for our country when nothing else seems to work.

Okay stepping off of my soapbox for now...it was a long day!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Soccer Season Kick-Off

Tristan's team has been practicing for awhile now but today was the official kick off of the season. Tristan is bigger, and older, than the other kids on his team which translated to "the star of the team and the only one to score any of the 7 goals their team had". When we signed him up the way his birthday fell we could choose to be in the 4,5,6 group or the 6,7,8 group but since this was his first year and he wanted to play with his friend Ben who was not 6 until October and had to stay down we chose young. Oops. Hes a little rough for that. But he had a great time and if nothing else it builds his confidence right?!

The last picture he actually proceeded to kick that one into the goal!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was a little crazy but fun. We had to go to buy the car, visit my grandma who lives close but not real close, and then hit our little cul-de-sac where all the neighbors buy specifically for our kids since they are the only ones in the neighborhood. Then we headed over to the West's house for pizza and trick-or-treating with Ty. Lots of fun! Tori was Princess Jasmine, Tristan was the RED power ranger.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Another "New" Car

Okay new to us. Today we picked up our replacement for the Mitsubishi. Our gas bill will be equivalent to our rent but otherwise nice...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In the last 2 weeks I have...Lit a peice of paper on fire so I could jam it in a bottle like a pirate's treasure map. Hired 3 ponies. Bought 120 gallons worth of slime mix. Argued with 2 nonprofit organizations over 1000+ canned food items, once with a man who did not speak english well at all. Met a woman with 106 documented personalities. Had 3 separate bosses all at the same job. And wore a turtleneck sweater in Florida in October.

I think the crazy people are rubbing off on me.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Okay this is Toris 9th trip and Tristan's 7th trip to the pumpkin patch so the pictures are getting fewer by the year but a tradition is a tradition and wouldn't be much of one if we did not keep doing it. And it is Max's first trip, see he even has the cute pumpkin shirts they both had their first trips!

So here they are!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Not Again!!!!

I hate car hunting. I mean HATE with a passion.

Of course since we managed to sell the truck days before totaling the Mitsubishi and that car is now smashed to smithereens we are on the hunt again. And it has to be a speedy hunt as we are paying for a rental car in the meantime.

But we want something cheap, cheap, cheap! But of course Todd does not want to drive something hideously ugly or old peoplish which tends to be what is cheap, cheap, cheap. So frustrating. So another day of hunting begins, pray I survive it. And more than that, pray that Todd does, I dont want to have to kill him but I might nonetheless :-)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Field Trips

Last Monday I took my brownie troop to the Dunedin Fine Arts Center which was remarkably nice for such a small town. They have exhibits that last approximately 6 weeks at a time and a children's hands on museum that changes once a year. The theme currently is Surrealism.

Make your own claymation (except with plastic models instead of clay!)

Tori's friend Madison in the "mellow mushroom." A giant mushroom with a black light inside and a desk with neon markers. The girls loved this!

Then this Monday (aka yesterday) I got to accompany Tristan's class on a field trip to the local fire station.

Tristan and his closest friends Riley and Calvin aboard the old fashioned fire truck.

Tristan's teacher told them to throw their hands up and scream when they went around a corner, shes the one in the middle, I think she had as much fun if not more than the kids.

Tristan in the firetruck.

And his whole class just before we headed back to the school!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Go Rays!

I grew up in a baseball family and used to know every major player, which teams looked good which ones not so much. Since Todd and I have been married and hes not such a big fan I have gotten lax. But I have so enjoyed watching baseball again and am so excited the Rays are Series bound.

So go rays!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I know there are givers and takers in this world, blah, blah, blah. But it pisses me off so much when people pretend to be your friend to use you.

I have this friend who I used to be very close to. We had a blast together. She is truly one of the funniest people I know. And then she and her husband started a new project/business together and disappeared of the face of the planet. Didn't return calls, RSVP to invitations, no response to emails, etc. Then of course one day out of the blue she shows up, apologizes for it all, and we go out to dinner where she promptly ask me to sew for her. Then nothing for another month or so, then suddenly they have a new baby and she wants to get together again - and she needs something for the baby's room. Now its been a good 3-4 months and the only contact has been an invitation to her kids bday party which we politely declined as the kids had soccer/swim. Found out she was pregnant, called her a couple of times, nope still nothing.

So this morning I wake up to an email from her saying we should really catch up and by the way my kids have something she wants to borrow would that be ok?!?

I don't think she means to be hurtful per se but it really bothers me. I am more than my skills and material items and it bothers me that she treats me like I am not. I hear that not everyone is a pursuer but come on. Its one thing to be bad about returning calls or whatever but its a whole nother thing to make contact every couple months asking for something.

So in these situations what do you do? I dont want to ignore her like she ignores me. I also don't want to be rude and just say no you can't borrow it without a legit reason which I dont actually have, but I also dont want her to think she can keep doing it.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quick update!

Tori is still swimming, struggling with diving but otherwise doing well. She doesn't have to be great at it but she needs to come off the blocks with some kind of form and the only form she has currently is belly flopping - ouch! Still loving school, brownies, etc. She's temporarily mad that we won't let her start a band instrument but she can only do so many things. Between brownies, gifted, swimming and now weekly Christmas musical rehearsals enough is enough. She got her assessment scores back last week and is doing awesome. She's reading at a 6th grade reading level - yay for her!

Tristan is loving kindergarten. Is enjoying soccer though he's a tad older than the other kids and has to be a little gentler that he would like to be I think. He does like seeing his preschool friend Ben regularly though. He is doing awesome at reading and "wrote" his first story yesterday. Three lines regarding Rumpelstiltskin as they saw the play last week. Monday he goes on his first field trip to the fire station, back with pictures then.

Todd is driving a rental still, waiting on the insurance before we come up with plan B. He is still sore but ok. Had an MRI early this week and so far we are of the "no news is good news" speculation. He has a nasty sore on his tongue where he bit it in the accident and it got infected. Only Todd could get in a car accident and injure his tongue.

I am still working regularly. Next week is Red Ribbon Week at the kids school so I have been at the school regularly all week. Nothing yet from the other hospital but he did say the end of the week so I am trying not to worry. Just started training in yet another position here at this hospital, doing chart/criteria reviews with insurance companies. I will learn a lot and build great contacts doing it but its not the most exciting job in the world and has no actual direct patient contact. I will still do some case management, activities, and ER work though so its not a total loss even if I stay here.

This weekend Todd and I are going on our F date, FINALLY! Celebrating my sis-in-law Taylors birthday, and hoping to get some park time while the whether is slightly cooler. Hope everyone has a fabulous end of the week/weekend.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Andrew Peterson

A great line from a song by Andrew Peterson, hes a christian artist that writes songs to go along with acoustic guitar usually. His wife sings back up which I think is so sweet.

"Give us faith to be strong, give us strength to be faithful, this life is not long but its hard."

I needed that reminder right now - between job trouble, car accidents and sick kids!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Todd goes Boom

My kids used to crash into each other or me or random toys and they would always say "me go boom". It was one of those cute phrases they said and grew out of. Last night Todd called me from where he had been in an accident and I left the kids with my parents and went to meet him. As I tried to tell the kids that daddy was in an accident but everything would be ok that phrase came back to me.
He is thankfully ok, saw an ER physician's assistant and while sore with some minor abrasions seems to be fine. He'll see a doctor specializing in muscle pain next week for follow up. Our car on the other hand, not so ok. Thankfully the kids were not in the car with him as the backseat was pushed in from the trunk and the front seat, where Todd was sitting, broke and snapped back to laying position with Todd still in it. See our front bumper off to the side? It was across the street when I got there, they moved it out of traffic!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Morning of Follies

For the record the interview itself went great.

This morning I got dressed, pencil skirt and button down shirt, standard interview attire. Trying to crate my dog, have a treat in my hand and he jumps - nice new tear in my hose. No extra pairs of course because I HATE them. So I guess I'll wear pants. But I need to pick a bunch up from the dry cleaners and the others need ironing so the choices suck but I made it out the door looking remotely professional. Of course in that time Max has now managed to get into a nerf football and tear into no less than a 1000 pcs all over the living room floor. So I catch him, spank him, crate him. Leave the mess and fly out the door now feeling like I just ran a marathon.

Get to hospital, ask for behavioral health unit, the front desk gives directions to elevators, which floor, etc...SHES WRONG! Its a lock down unit, you have to use the locked down elevator unlike our hospital where you can get there from the other floors as well. So I have to back track and ask someone else, barely make it on time.

Did I mention the interview itself went well?! It did, in the hospital cafeteria, which I thought odd but was certainly not going to ask about. So finally he says let me walk you to the front door and we start walking. He apologizes for the room but said one of my direct supervisors at my current job was going to be on the unit and he was not sure if that would make me uncomfortable or if they knew I was there today. Ok.

So we walk down the hallway and who is walking right at us? The two people I report to currently. Awkward is not really a strong enough word. But what are you gonna do? I smiled, was polite, stood by while my boss was introduced to the director there, you know my possible new boss, as they had never met. Neat.

Honestly I like what I do for a living and really just need more consistency so its not like I am going out of my way to hide that I am looking for something else but it was definitely a bizarre situation to be in.


Monday, October 6, 2008


Tuesday I have an interview for a social services job at another hospital, one in the Largo area. The guy hiring sounds extremely nice and is willing to be flexible so please pray for this.

The job I have now is ok. I like what I do but the politics have gotten nasty lately. There was a management company change (behavioral health is often contracted out by the hospital to a care company) and it has NOT been smooth at all. My schedule is more erratic than ever and my ability to fill multiple holes makes me a big asset to them but creates a nightmare for myself.

So keep your fingers crossed for me. I am hoping this job pays the same or more, is flexible but also has consistent hours.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Whats important to you?!

After an interesting discussion with Todd and as I sit here watching the VP debate my question would be what do you vote based on. Please recognize that I am not asking who as I do not want to support a debate between anyone or varying parties, etc. However I am interested to hear what are important issues to you?

Taxation policies? Foreign policies? Environment? Candidiates histories? Womens Rights? Homosexual Marriage? Immigration Laws? The current Iraqi war? Universal healthcare? Medicaid? Social Security?

While I could be wrong about this it would be my guess that no matter what candidate you stand behind you don't agree with EVERYTHING they say but its interesting to hear what takes priority for other people.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rants and Raves

-My new van's alignment was off but of course you don't notice things like that in a test drive. Then the remote and wireless headphones to the DVD player don't seem to be working. So its in the shop, already. And I have a loaner. But the loaner van does not have rear air and its still hot, this is FL.
-The electric company decided today was a good day to change the electrical box in our neighborhood. So they turned off our electricity for 8 hours today. And again its still hot, this is FL. So I had to stay out most of the day and keep my dog out most of the day on my only day off this week. I had a nice lunch with my dad, my dog got groomed and I got very little else done.
-I stink at saying no. I recognize this and yet I don't seem to do anything about it. And usually I rationalize this is in my head...well its just a little thing, it only take a few minutes, etc. But when you do ten things that take a few minutes it adds up to lots of minutes. So on my new to do list is 25 chair packs for Tristans teacher, the snack/game list for the soccer team, decorate the PTA/Red Ribbon Week bulletin board, cook a meal for a sick mom's family of six, and attend a powder puff football game to cheer for some teenage girls who I love but still don't want to attend tonight.

-I do love the new van.
-We sold the truck and the lady did not even try to offer less. She just bought it. Sweet.
-My dog is so super soft and sweet smelling after the groomer I could just cuddle him all night. Love it!
-Tristan's new bed is built and in his room with sheets and a bedspread and everything. The new room stuff will go up during the weekend when I have time but for now its usable and thats a big deal. He likes it, I like it, all is well.
-I am down a size. A whole size. Its my special, "I am too busy to eat real meals during the day diet and my daughter is on a swim team that forces me to hang out at the gym 3 hours a week" diet. Whatever works. To celebrate, and because I was in desperate need of more work clothes I went to Kohls, and some really cute stuff including a skirt I love that Todd says makes me look like a librarian, I dont think its supposed to be a compliment but too bad - I love libraries.
Private Practice premieres tonight. I love that show. And Life was on Monday, which I also love...and the DVR allowed me to watch it last night when I had time which is just simply amazing. I have no idea why it took us so long to get one.
No. No. No. No. No. No.

Just practicing, I seem to have problems with saying it aloud. Anyone else have this problem? Better yet anyone overcome this yet?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh yeah...

big news, forgot to post. Our car hunt finally ended a week ago Thursday. We got a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan. As compared to the cars I have driven for years (Mitsubishi Mirage, Saturn, Suzuki Samurai, VW Rabbit) it is ginormous!!!! I feel like I could fit the 20 people in it, really only 7 safely though. The kids love it bc it has a built in DVD system and the cd player works (the cars was broken). Todd is selling the truck which is kind of sad for him but its just not practical anymore. Todd has to take the kids to school some days and jamming everyone in the front of a pickup with lunches, backpacks and the gear changer is not so comfy!

Anyway here's a picture of a van like ours, same color and all!