Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thirty Two.

For those following along I challenged myself to run 31 miles before turning 32. Well I didn't make it. I was doing really well...was at 25 miles with 5 days to go...and then work happened. My boss went on vacation, the kids went back to school, and I was trying to juggle a 50 hr work week with a new back to school routine and it just didn't happen. So I am going to set a new goal...35 miles in September. When plan A and B and C fails...well just keep swimming :-)

In all honesty my 32nd birthday was a rough day. Long day at work and bad house news (for those of you that dont know we had a leaky water pipe, had to drill through the cement slab and tile in Tristan's room to fix, repaired pipe but tile needs to be fixed still, not fun!).

I did go out for a lovely dinner with friends (Thanks West Family and Super Angelle who took 3 kids to dinner on her own!!!). And on Saturday we celebrated with family.

And that was a blast. The Rays lost and the game was fairly dull until the very last inning but it was still good times. And the weather was PERFECT (compliments of our friend TS Isaac) for the tailgating we did before hand!

This is my brother, he turned 29 as I turned 32. And he looks mature here with his beautiful wife. And he has a good job. And he has a folder for everything under the sun, most organized person I have ever met, he got it from our mom.


But mere moments later I am reminded he really is going to be a 9 year old boy trapped in an aging body for the rest of his life. And how do I know this? You know how nasty wet willies are? Well imagine a Rice Krispie treat (that has been outside for hours) willy? Yep. He did it. Thankfully Tristan was sitting closest. And he really is a 9 year old boy. So he thought it was gross but funny.


29 years we have celebrated together now. It was a lovely family day!



Another year begins!

7th Grade:
     - Classes: Language Arts, Algebra I, Science, Spanish, Robotics, Civics, and Office Aide
     - Friends she Hangs Out with Often: Kelly, Dabney, Tori, Caroline, Rebecca, Leoni and Savannah
     - New things: braces, singing on the youth worship team, entering a robotics team competition
     - What she wants to be when she Grows Up: Architect...or Artist....or Chef....or so many cool jobs.



4th Grade:
     -Teacher: Mrs. Hickman and Mrs. Ianello
     -Friends he hangs out with Often: Isaac, Caleb, Calvin and Anna (neighbor)
     -New things: Chorus this year, Kids Krew leadership team at church
     -What he wants to be when he Grows Up: a baseball player or a computer guy 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Almost done?

With summer! The list on the other hand...still chugging along!

Super Hero Rescue - done.
Living Room Camp In - done.
Sand Sculpting - done.

Friday, August 3, 2012

31 before 32...

Accountability. I hate it. But I need it. So to the few who are here - hold me accountable. I promise I wont be mad :)

August 24th I turn 32. This month, prior to turning 32 I will run 31 miles. For some of you this is nothing. For me its a lot.

I am down 2. 29 to go in 21 days.

I'm on it..

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thus Far

I have completely sucked at blogging this summer outside of bucket list pictures!

Inspired by a friend (Hi Angelle!) to update here goes...

The summer bucket list continues to drive activities and we can now add the following to the "done" list:
Threshers Game. (I forgot to take a picture - boo!). Decorating cupcakes. Homemade popsicles.



The kids started something we are calling "A Postcard Round Up" as a summer project and it is going so so well. They have received 40+ postcards covering 20 (21 including Florida) states, DC, Canada and Mexico. And compliments of facebook helpers have many more coming soon! They have LOVED getting mail and they have flipped through the cards comparing pictures and states about a dozen times. I highly recommend this project!!


I have my own summer list though its more of a "to do" list then anything else but I am checking stuff off. Finished curtains for my bedroom, got some new decorations for my dressers, redid my laundry room to make it more function with backpack hooks, shelving, and wall pockets!



Funny story, I bought the kids initial letters before I had finished mounting the board and hooks. They were laying on the counter next to each other but in reverse order - T-V and Todd says "I know you like signs and letters and labels but I really dont think we need to label the tv." My OCD might be worse than I imagined if he actually thought I was going to label our tv.

Other than that our summer has been pretty low key. Lots of beach time. Hanging out with friends. Getting frozen yogurt. Sleep overs. Church activities. Reading books. Playing board games. Lawn work. Etc.

Looking forward we have some fun stuff planned and some getting ready for fall stuff planned. Still on the docket - Jolly Trolley, Sunset Cinema, Rays game, planting, biking and batting cages! Tori gets her braces on next week, a trip to Ellenton Outlet mall during the tax free weekend, and open houses at school bring us right up to the 20th when the kids go back. Summer is just too short!!!