Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weather Girl

Morning announcements at elementary schools in this area are currently done via a morning tv show that is broadcasted to each classroom in a given school. Earlier this week Tori tried out for the news team as the morning weather girl. She was excited to be one of only 5 fourth graders (the rest of the team is fifth graders) to make the team.

She is the new weather girl. Gotta love it!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Random Pics

Toris Birthday Sundae at Outback:

The school had a dance teacher that came once a week during
PE and they had a recital for all those that participated in this optional program. This is the third graders getting ready before they dance to This is Me from Camp Rock.Rainy Day Fun


I am very frustrated with my kids...they are getting older, 9 and 6. They are excellent students at the top of their classes and all I hear from their teachers is how smart they are, how they are always willing to help and how they are so kind. Then they come home and they are still smart sweet kids but lately they have lacked all responsibility. I have to tell them stuff repetitively that they know - make your beds, put your laundry in the basket, hang your backpack up, dont leave wet stuff in the bathroom, brush your teeth BEFORE you get in bed. They both have a couple of other chores - picking up Max's toys, putting the porch toys away, putting their dishes in the dishwasher. That's really it. And when they are home they bicker which is a normal sibling thing but then when they have friends over they are nothing but nice to each other and their friends.

And they are not deprived kids - they both play a sport, participate in other school activities as they come up, have friends over once a week, go to friends house almost as often, and birthday parties monthly!

I just feel like I am constantly on their case about stuff and while at first I thought maybe I expect too much of them I decided that the reality is if they can be responsible enough to be allowed at friends alone and to pack their own soccer/swim and keep up with the tough drills they both go through at respective sports, and they are old enough to do as well as they do in school and have expensive toys and wants they are old enough to do the few darn things they are asked.

I don't want to be a nagging mom but I also don't want my kids to grow up being the lazy messy people I see everywhere in my life. And I do not want it in my house for sure.

Any advice?

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Is just days away. I cannot wait! Summer brings days at the beach, afternoons at the pool, time at Busch Gardens, vacations to see family and fun stuff and just all over peace to our home. Tori still has swimming but its not so bad...and my work schedule is ALOT less which makes me less stressed.

5 1/2 days left...and counting.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I spoke too soon...

Today, approximately 1.5 feet from where I was standing we had a man lose control, rip the luminated EXIT sign right off the ceiling, shatter it on the ground pulling a live wire with a big warning that said 240 volts right out of the ceiling. This triggered a safety feature on the unit plunging all of us (myself, 3 female nurses and 10 psychotic pts)into total darkness. These 10 pts are on what we call our ICU unit, aka more out of control. The generator only took 30 seconds or so to kick in and give us half light but those seemed the longest 30 seconds ever.

Can I tell you I have had my heart pumping or slightly worried about getting a swift kick or fast punch at work before but I have never been downright petrified and today I most certainly was. To watch this huge guy just rip that sign down and see stuff shattering, sparks flying and him screaming all but incoherently and then to be in the pitch black with him made the worst of my "one flew over the cuckoo nest" nightmares of this job feel really close to home.

The pt has since stabilized and noone was hurt. Maintenance responded quickly and while the sign is temporarily missing the ceiling has been patched until new one can be ordered and a safer location.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Work Stories

It's been awhile since I posted any of my work stories so here is my most recent bizarre collection.

Suicide attempts/ideas from patients:
- chew off fingers and bleed to death
- peanut butter and rat poison sandwich (actual attempt)
- toilet bowl cleaner margarita (yep actual attempt)
- tying oneself in a garbage bag to suffocate...not one's head, one's self

Recent delusions/hallucinations:
- father is king of the gay club who is trying to turn him
- my mother ate my pet elephant and now she wants my lion too
- the cat keeps praying for me
- last week was the last week of the world and she cannot be here any longer

Its kind of funny on here but in real life kind of heartbreaking. You just want to shake people sometimes. Especially the ones that are attempting suicide but have young kids at home or the ones that are attempting and telling you their family is supportive, they have a good job, they are financially sound. As for the delusional/hallucinating its just sad, sad and more sad. You just can't do much for them except meds and then therapy after they get stabilized.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Imagine That

I went back to the gym regularly approximately 3 weeks ago...I go at least 3, usually 4 times a week at 5:15 am before work. It sucks. Honestly - people should not be awake for the day then. Especially people who like to stay up until midnight.

But I lost 7 lbs.

Imagine that - eat less, work out more, lose weight.

I really wish I could do the work out more, lose weight part without that first part.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Tori

My sweet little baby girl is getting old and turns 9 today! Its crazy how fast shes grown up and yet it is so fun to watch her as she grows into herself really. Her personality has become so defined and while sometimes it drives me crazy I love watching her struggle for the right answers, conquer her own problems and celebrate her own triumphs. I love watching her ask hard questions and trying to understand hard answers. I love watching her build a relationship with the Lord and trying to live her life accordingly.

I love her creative ideas no matter how unrealistic they are. I love her constant thirst to know more. I love how she wants to help with everything (even though sometimes I wish she didn't). I love her generous and kind spirit. I love when she gets the giggles, I love how ticklish she is and how girlie she is despite that her momma's not!

Tori is outgoing and musical, silly and serious, faithful to God and loyal to her family. And an absolute gift in our lives.

Happy Birthday my not so tiny Tori!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mom's Day

Todd was feeling better (read well enough to play his game all day) so the kids and I left him on his own and headed out on the boat with my parents and brother and his wife. We put in at Park Marina and cruised the international waterways in the Madeira Beach/John's Pass area. The weather was perfect. We found a neat little sand bar we could get in the water at and we had a nice lunch at a place that provided boat/dock parking. All in all a good day. Oh and I also got a gift certificate for the Safety Harbor Spa!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

American Idol: Birthday Version

Tori turns 9 on Wednesday and today was party day. Karaoke, face painting, tote bag decorating, pizza and cake made for a fun morning.

How Sweet It is...

To be Loved By You! Thats what Tristan's kindergarten class sang and danced to at the Mother's Day Tea this past Wednesday. So cute!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yay!!! Oy vey!!!

Tori made the summer swim team - there are 22 spots and she got one of them. Shes pretty psyched.

Now on to the oy vey. From May 18th until the end of the school they practice 4 days a week for 45 minutes a day, not so bad. Come June 8th they practice an HOUR AND 45 MINUTES A DAY....and how often? FIVE DAYS A WEEK! What?! Oh yes and that does not include the 12 meets they have between June 8th and July 17th (though some fall on days they would have had practice instead).

They have to attend a minimum of 3 practices a week and can miss a few meets but they are not joking around - geesh! My kids going to be stronger than me by midsummer...nice!

Can I go back to toddlers?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I love having a day off, the sweet skits the kindergarteners did at the mothers day tea, dropping weight when you go back to the gym, when my glass table is clean, afternoon naps, discovering a new author, and my dog being cuddly.

I hate when my laundry pile never seems to decrease, my job is stressful, my dog barks incessantly, and my to do list is greater than my desire to finish it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

SOS - Save Our Seas

Gifted Project/Mission 2008/2009: Save Our Seas

Assignment: Choose a project to either spread the word about how we can save our oceans, lakes and rivers OR raise money for a ocean conservation organization.

Chosen Project: Making Messages in a Bottle to be given to local friends, family and neighbors and other students. Messages include tips on how to help with water conservation and how to be ocean-friendly.

Mission Accomplished.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Blog I Follow

Was introduced to this kind of silly and yet remarkably astute blog in Sunday School. As a disclaimer - I have not read it all, I do not necessarily agree with all of it, and its probably only humorous if you would say your are a Christian. It is funny in a reality-checking-gosh-i-do-that-too-and-need-to-work-on-it-faith-building kind of way. God gave us humor, joy and laughter - it seems we should be able to use it even when reflecting on ourselves. Enjoy!

Stuff Christians Like

Looking back and coming soon...

Talk about a generic way to post - heres my catch up and stay tuned version of The T's and Me!

This past week we have spent working on Tori's latest gifted project - I'll post pictures when they are finished this afternoon. I worked my usual crazy schedule though I did have a fabulous day off that included coffee with a friend, a haircut, a new book purchase and two hours on the beach in blissful silence. The kids had a relatively quiet week without any after school activities. They did stop by Grandpa Doug and Grandma Mary's house Tuesday to visit with Great Grandma Maddex who had flown in for a cruise. We all returned for dinner Thursday night with her and Todd's Uncle Greg and his family. Friday as I mentioned before the kids had their sleepover and Todd and I had a relaxing evening. We went to Grillsmith (where we would never take the kids) and then had a cozy night in with desserts and a rental (Body of Lies, it was ok but violent). We slept in Sat morning and then had Einstein's for breakfast and had a quick shopping trip as Todd was in desperate need of some new tees as well as some work shirts. A fairly relaxing week that was much needed after the recent chaos.

This coming week however holds one too many things - Mother's Day tea in Tristan's class, two soccer games, summer swim stroke camp 5 nights straight, Todds shoulder surgery, Toris 9th birthday party and Mother's Day. But summer is only a few weeks away....woohoo!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Night Off...

Todd and I have the whole night "off" from parenting. The kids are going to Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Taylor's for a sleepover ... thinking dinner and a movie and even better yet - sleeping in and breakfast at Einsteins!