Sunday, August 31, 2008


I hate colds. I dont get them very often but am reminded at this moment how very glad I am for that. More than colds - I hate having to work all night with one? Wish me luck.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Do you ever have one of those days that is a nightmare but hilarious in hindsight?

This morning I woke up and got in the shower and thought what is that noise?! So I turn the water up, down, hotter, colder, off, and on thinking it was the pipes. As I am drying off I realize its my poor son with a cough strikingly similiar to a honking goose. So now I have to get Todd up to find out if he can work from home until I get back...which he can. So now I am running late but headed out the door anyway - with an open mug of coffee. Which seems bad but I do this all the time so no worries. Well no worries until I am two minutes from work and the car in front of me slams on his breaks and swerves off the road causing me to swerve and to dump a half a cup of coffee on my shirt, my WHITE shirt! Doh! Thank the Lord for 24 hour Walmarts in Pasco where I bought a not so cute but fairly cheap light colored shirt to wear under the sweater I also had. Oy vey!!! Just when I think I made it and it will all get better from here I had a patient decide I smelled good and followed me around for an hour...ew! To escape I went into another patient's room to interview them just in time for him to puke all over the floor in front of me.

Thankfully I finished work early and used my sick at home son to sneak out before taking on anything else and have had an ok afternoon since. Not the way to start off my day but in hindsight it's all kind of funny.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I am overwhelmed, over busy and completely over this week in general. Why?!

Well because I am working as usual - some days, some nights, no real sleep pattern. Because the kids are back in school. Because Tori has swim clinic in preparation for swim team that starts next week and is every darn night this week. Because of open houses which of course are not at the same time and of course Todd had to be somewhere else so I went. Because of a PTA meeting, soccer info session, girl scout council meeting, and lots and lots of homework help!

All of which I could handle if I had not had a migraine for 2 days straight complete with nausea that made me late to work this morning and that horrible feeling that my eyes are being sucked back into my head.

On a brighter note - tomorrow is Friday! Next week we have way less on the calendar and if I get off the computer right now I can sneak in a quick nap!

Monday, August 25, 2008

25 & 28

Yesterday I turned 28 and my little brother turned 25. We had a very nice day. Church in the morning, brunch with Dave and Rhiannon and Ty at Cracker Barrel - yummy, and a BBQ with my family in the afternoon.

I have to share this picture because I thought about this yesterday. I now have a quarter of a century worth of this same picture...25 years of me and my brother with our cake or cakes depending on the year. Isn't that neat?

Friday, August 22, 2008

D is for...

Our alphabet dates had to take a break last week as it was so chaotic getting ready for school and we wanted to use the time we did have to do something special with the kids! But we are back on again...So D is for Daisies which Todd brought me home, pretty huh?And Definitely, Maybe a super sweet movie we watched last night. A lovely quiet evening. Anyway stay tuned for E - of course I get E!

Happy 1st Birthday Max!

While we have only had him since December Max was born 1 year ago Tuesday so of course we had to celebrate. He got a new bed and a new "tough toy" that he will hopefully not have eaten within days! He also got a "cake" aka a frosted dog treat in the shape of a cake. Happy Birthday sweet boy.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of School

A day later than expected thanks to the very dull Hurricane Fay but we finally made it. Both kids are officially in elementary school.

Tristan's first day of Kindergarten:

Tori's first day of 3rd grade:

On a funny note they picked out their own first day clothes...Tristan is so preppy. When we went shopping he picked out lots of polo shirts and stuff. Cute! Influenced by mommy. On the flip side Tori got some cute stuff and she looks cute but mommy's influence is further gone - in her place...Hannah Montana. Oy vey!

I love this picture:

Monday, August 18, 2008

Meet & Greet

Today was the Pinellas County Meet & Greet day where kids drop off supplies, find out who there teacher is, and check out their classrooms.

On positive notes:
+ Great teachers for both of them!
+ All supplies are safely put away and nothing was added remarkably.
+ They both ran into people they knew and have a couple of kids in there class they recognize.

Not so good:
- Stupid Hurricane Fay made the first day of school be pushed back to Wednesday.
- Toris best friend and 3 of her brownie friends all got the teacher she wanted - she did not.
- Meet and Greet costs alot of money - enrichment fees, tshirts, PTA, lunch $, planners, field trip costs, etc.
- The insanely large pack of papers that need filling out to be sent with them Wed!

All in all it should be a good year. Lots of fun stuff coming for both kids and both teachers seem like they know what they are doing, well organized and made great first impressions.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fun Times

Trying to cram in last minute fun before school starts we had a fun family day. We took Max to the park and let him run around while the kids played on the playground. Had a nice lunch. Caught the new 3D movie - Journey to the Center of the Earth, which was actually pretty decent. Kind of a cross between Jurassic Park and National Treasure but in 3D, couple of jumpy parts, especially with the kids but fun. And it has some scientific information in it...thats what I keep telling myself since I got outvoted and thats how we ended up there. I thought we should go see the Dinosaurs exhibit at MOSI. It was fine though...and a little Marble Slab ice cream rounded out the day. Now the kids are in bed waiting for hugs and kisses and I have to work all day tomorrow, try to catch a few winks Monday between Teacher Meet and Greets for the kids and then they are back to school. Back Tuesday with pics!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

C is for a...

Childless night...
Celebrating a friend's
College Graduation at the
Cheesecake Factory and
Cuddling up to the Friends Season Finale on DVD.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Beijing 2008

My name is LeShayne and I am addicted to the Olympics. I know it sounds utterly ridiculous and if you are not like me than you probably think it is the most boring couple of weeks of tv ever. However I have this odd fascination with them. By the end of them I can tell you what each diver and gymnast is going to lose tenths of points for. I can tell you what record each swimmer and runner must beat.

Anyways so the Maddex family is watching the Opening Ceremonies and ordering pizza tonight - FUN!

One of THOSE days

You know the ones where NOTHING goes right.

Got stuck in a traffic jam, had way more than one person's job at work today, got yucky news from my boss about scheduling, have multiple kids at my house this afternoon, my water heater keeps tripping the breaker until we have only freezing cold water, and my dog is being a pain in the butt!

I think I might take up writing bad country western songs any second :-)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I work with psychotic people, drug addicts, drunkards, homeless, violent people. Those who want to kill themselves or others. Some who have not seen a shower in weeks, some who have not been sober in almost as long. Some who think spitting is what you do when you see someone you don't know. Some who attack police officers, some who attack hospital staff. You learn to be cautious, on the defensive, never turn your back, never let a patient within arms reach, etc.

Despite all those things the only thing I really worry about in this job is making a bad call. Telling a doctor someone should stay in this crazy place and them not really needing too or worse telling someone they dont and they do.

Last night I saw a patient at around 9:00, less than 12 hours later she tried to kill herself. Shaken - yeah that describes it.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Too fast.

Man weekends go by fast, too fast.

We had a quiet one but nice. Slept in until 9:30 Saturday morning - yep thats correct 9:30! I love my kids being self suffecient enough to play in the morning on their own. We did some house cleaning, car cleaning, grocery shopping, napping and played a few games. Then Dave and Rhiannon and Ty came and we swam for awhile. Spent Sunday morning at church and at lunch with friends. Then I had to go to work and now its 1:30 Monday morning and the weekend is over. Boo!

Oh well this week holds a trip to the zoo, a baby shower, graduation party, date night, new ice cream flavor and homemade chocolate chip cookies along with the usual play dates, work and pool time. So its not all bad, just TOO FAST!

Friday, August 1, 2008

School Supplies

So yesterday before the kids and I went school shopping we were chatting with a friend. She is in the earlier phases of motherhood still (aka under age 2) and has just one super sweet little boy. Now I would like to acknowledge that this age is hard and can be expensive with all the diapers and random toys and what not. So I made a comment about how much "back to school" costs these days and she said "Oh no we got a backpack and all sorts of stuff in it for under $20!" And then I laughed.

So here's my thing - its not really school "supplies" that cost alot of money. The glue sticks and notebooks and crayons and pencils are so cheap right now. Its like Christmas with cheaper items. But the huge list we get has all sorts of other stuff on it that does not get marked down.

For example Tristan needed a package of white tees, 2 boxes of Kleenex, a pump bottle of Hand Sanitizer, foaming soap in dispenser, container of unscented wet wipes, and a nap mat. Please note this is before the lunch box and backpack and the above mentioned real supplies AND the 25.00 enrichment check I have to write to the school on the first day for art/cooking supplies. Now multiple x 2 kids and add a 5.00 check for the mandatory "planner" kids in grades 1-5 must have.

Now I realize that I make choices for my kids to be active in things and so some of the cost is by choice. But really isn't that what you do for you kids? So back to school incurs those costs mentioned above but it also is the start of another swim season, brownie year, and soccer season - all of which have fees, supplies, volunteer hour deposits, etc.

So on that bright note - those of you that have school age kids - please commiserate with me how while the kids are excited (and of course you're excited with them) about all the cool stuff they get to take with them that first day, I am slightly less excited about the number it does on my bank account. Those of you that have young kids - know that they don't get cheaper. Those of you with no kids - I highly recommend having some but until you do save your money.

Go Momma!

There is a new section in our newspaper called Go Momma! I absolutely love it. And I love that someone decided it was important enough to put in the paper. If grown men can stare in awe at random sports players figures I think grown women should have an article that posts the greatest spots for sales, vacations and family friendly restaurants. So smart!

That being said you have to check it out at My favorite part is the deal divas which is good even if you are out of state because more than half of the specials are national chains.