Friday, March 30, 2012

And the award for Worst Blogger Ever goes to...

Oops! I might be a wee bit behind. On life. In general. You know how it is. So here are the highlights of March!

"There were so many naked people, really, just naked people, everywhere." - Tristan's take on the fine arts museum field trip.

"I got to pet a giraffe and he licked me and I got to feed flamingo #37, he was the biggest one you know." - Tristan's commentary to Todd on the Busch Gardens field trip. Clearly the winner here.


"Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble," said Tori who played a witch and a murderer in her class production of Macbeth. I know that Macbeth is one of Shakespeare's tragedies but as performed by shy and gangly 6th graders I believe it leaned more towards the side of comedy.


The kids furry cousins came to stay with us for a long weekend while there "parents" went to New Orleans to drink sightsee. They are well behaved and Tristan had a blast with them. They're only real downfall is the enormous amount of space they take up on my bed.


Baseball...softball...more baseball...more softball...etc.

Aunt Laurie (Hi!) gave Tori the Hunger Games books for Christmas...and if you have not read them, well you should. Immediately. Fantastic story with a fantastic underlying message. And in case you live in a hole with no outside contact and don't know, the movie came out this past week. And it was fabulous too. So we made it a girls day...Tori and I as well as her friend Savannah and her mom. Fun!


Spring break without a trip to the beach would be ridiculous. So of course we had to go! And it was BEAUTIFUL. I mean perfect weather, exact right amount of wind, soft sand, great company, absolutely beautiful afternoon at the beach.


Spring break is coming to a close but we are cramming stuff in. Fun weekend ahead!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wedding Bells

No one you why post?

Because yours truly is the photographer. Oh yeah I'm excited!

I really love the idea of taking wedding pictures but it scares the tar out of me. But this lady is having a super small outdoor beach wedding and does not care about having 1000's of pics to choose from. She just wants a few nice ones of family, friends, the 4 person wedding party, and the very short ceremony!!

Works for me. Did I mention I am excited?!?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Days end in Y

Those are the days we currently have baseball or softball. Change of plans and Tori is playing after all. Please note that Tori does not get off the bus until 4:45 and compliments of construction/traffic it takes no less than 15 minutes to get to the fields that are really located 5 minutes from our house. And that I am trying to cook healthier. The constraints are getting ridiculous.

This week we literally have baseball Mon-Thur and Saturday we would have two games but Tori is going to a youth group retreat and missing hers.

Its alot. But I can just tell you - I love watching my kids play. I love baseball and watching them learn more and get better each game, celebrating their victories and encouraging them when they have a bad game, I love it.

In other news my van broke down. Again. Hate that thing....Got a ton of work done on the yard this weekend. The grasshoppers are back in miniature. I have a day off today which is awesome because I need to go pick up said van, we are having company for dinner, I need to pick up a retirement gift for a coworker, and Tristan has an early right after school practice tonight.

Tristan's nose is back to normal after catching that ball with his face. He is super excited about a field trip to the art museum today and another to Busch Gardens next week.

Tori is very excited for her conference/retreat this weekend. She is also excited about her 6th grade gifted program production of Macbeth in which she plays a witch. She is thrilled to wear a costume, have lines, and get to do a crazy dance to Michael Jackson's "Bad" (ok its a slightly altered version of Macbeth).

That's about it for now!