Friday, February 27, 2009

Night Out

Todd surprised me early last week with tickets for a night out last night. We had such a nice time and the kids had fun at home having a "sleepover" with one of their favorite babysitters, Kelsey.

Anyway we went to Baywalk in St.Pete and had a very nice Italian dinner at Gratzzi's and then went to the 9:30 Jerry Seinfeld show at Mahaffey theater. I always liked the show but never loved it but he was really funny in person. That kind of observant humor that we all think but don't say out loud much less joke about...and he hit a huge range of topics from Starbucks to drug commercials, from being a bachelor to married with kids. Larry Miller opened for him and he too was funny - a huge part of his bit was about Little League parents, and it was funny because so much of it was true, made funnier because we have been there. If you dont know who Larry Miller is google him, you'll recognize him even if you dont recognize the name.

Anyway it was a very nice night out. Thanks Todd for the surprise.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Even Keel

Thought I should post to clarify that I am not still caught in torrential downpour. Nothing exciting to report at the moment. Update: electrician came and fixed the ceiling circuit as well as the fuses/breakers with problems = lights and hopefully a lower electric bill. I survived another night at work and managed to keep my eyes open until I got home and in bed (and then some more since in the 5 hrs I got to sleep my fam woke me up 5 times!). And my dog ate macaroni and cheese instead of dog food for 24 hours which led to his miraculous recovery from his unidentified bug and my stain remover remarkably removed the stain.

This week is busy but just with lots of normal, PTA, swim practices, a few sewing projects, trying to get time in running...thats about it.

Friday, February 20, 2009

When it Rains it Pours...

We are having a terrible 24 hours. Last night the fan in Tristans ceiling made a funny popping noise and all of a sudden none of the ceiling lights/fans work in the entire house. So the electrician is coming tonight, that should be cheap, yeah right.

Then I woke up at 5 am to poor Max throwing up all over my light colored berber carpet. So Todd takes him outside while I look for carpet cleaner which is very hard to do in the pitch black because of course we have no lights in the kitchen where I keep that kind of stuff!!!!

So I get to sleep in today as I work the night shift and wake up to my dog having another nasty problem, thankfully on the wood this time. We had let him out of his crate because he had been ok for awhile.

Now armed with coffee I sit down to check my email and hope for a better day than its been so far only to get our electric bill. Nasty does not begin to describe it. I usually am very private with our bills but this is of record to be noted...almost 375 dollars. Yes that is correct. Thank the Lord the electrician is coming.

We've recently had this problem where if the heater is on the hot water heater kicks off or vice versa. So you can basically choose warm house or warm shower and whatever its doing must be sucking some huge energy, combine that with rate increases and it might kill us.

And lastly did I mention I have to work tonight. I hate working nights but I dont feel like I can complain because I need them to be so flexible with the kids schedules during the school year and even more so for my hours over the summer when I work half as much as I do now!!! So I have no choice but to take it when they give me them but it really is hard to do out of the middle of nowhere and still function well at my job.

Okay thats enough ranting, hoping my next post is full of wonderful things!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bad Mommy Moment

I completely missed Little League sign up. They sent the notice on December 23rd...really? 2 days before Christmas?

Needless to say I was busy with you know, this little holiday, and did not read it well. Apparently it last about a week in January. Oops.

So soccer continues as we sign up for spring soccer and we'll play fall ball with Little League in the fall which I will apparently sign him up for in May or so.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hilton Head

Friday we loaded two very sugared up, Valentine crazed children and ALOT of stuff into our van and headed up to SC. We managed to only stop a couple of times for gas, dinner and a DQ break! Honestly the weather was less than good for the weekend - rainy Saturday and downright cold pretty much the whole time. But we hit a thrift shop, played on the beach, went to the outlet malls, climbed a lighthouse, ate at The Salty Dog Cafe, and did dinner at one of those hibachi grill places. And just had down time at the cottage where we stayed playing games, tossing a football around, etc. Here are just a few pics...4 mobile (not to mention fast) children make for very hard picture taking!

Tori at the Salty Dog with her new friend, he was having a bit of a moment but
they sure got along well!

The kids with the lighthouse we climbed in the background (114 steps up).

At the top!

Playing on the VERY cold beach!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Last post before mini-vacation.

I am so tired. It was such a long day!!!!

Drama at work: All this controversy over the chain of command. And who did what, when and why. If everyone just did their job they way they were supposed to it would all work smoothly. Is that really so much to ask?

Drama at home: Tori. Everything is theatrics..."Augh I can't do my homework because I grabbed the wrong folder and then I am not going to be able to go to my party tomorrow, etc, etc, etc" Okay so she does not say etc. Really? So you missed one day of homework all year long - LIFE WILL GO ON!

Drama in general: We put an offer on that house. Yay! Oh wait no, someone came in and put an offer for the asking price in cash. Yeah, can't compete with that. I just dont have that kind of money lying around, sorry.

Anyway I am off to attack my chore list so I can attempt to pack so I can attempt to relax enough to vacation for a weekend.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I feel like I have recently vented alot but not so much posted...and where the heck are my pictures? I'll have to get on that.

Okay so heres what's up with us...

Not so good stuff:

- My hours at work got cut back to 3 days a week for now, while I love having more time to go to lunch with the kids, clean house, etc it's kind of bad timing...the good stuff will explain that more.

- Todd is coming down with some kind of cold or something and like most men this surely means the end of the world. :-)

The good stuff:

- Less than a week before we head to Hilton Head, SC to meet up with the North Carolina Maddexes for a weekend.

- We have decided to put an offer, a low offer that has great possibility of not getting accepted, but an offer nonetheless on a house we like (see why the job timing is a little iffy?).

- Tristan had his last soccer game this past weekend and they actually won! His team was terrible, it was kind of like Tristan against whatever team we played all season so they won very few.

- Tori has finished 13:15 battle of the books titles and is preparing for the test that will determine if she can be on the team or not.

- I got a super cute new computer, that is causing me many typographical errors, but is awesome. I carry huge purses most of the time but it fits in them which I love. Mine is actually white but this picture gives you an idea of just how tiny it is:

- I also got a Wii Fit this week! I am very excited about this and while so far I find the aerobics ridiculous I do love the yoga and strength training parts and the kids are having a blast with the skiing and soccer heading.

Thats all for now. Back soon with some updated pictures.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Today's Math

Remember when you learned those statements for proofs in geometry. If A, then B.

If there were not so many politics, then I would LOVE my job.

If we did not pay for insurance that things might go wrong (car, life, house, health), then I would be rich (well rich enough for me to feel like it).

If my kids worried about themselves instead of each other, then I would never have to yell at them.

If people just did their jobs the way they are supposed to, then all institutions would run smoothly.

If my dog would not bark, then he would be the perfect dog.

If children's athletics were not so expensive, then America's childrens would not be fighting an obesity epidemic.

If people took their psych medications as prescribed, then I would no longer have a job.

If my laundry pile would ever recede, then I would feel like I have way less chores.

If I could love fruits and veggies as much as cookies and ice cream OR If I could love to cook as much as I love to eat out, then I would be skinny.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Girls Night

Last night I had a fun night out with my sister-in-law Taylor. We went to this great little Mexican hole in the wall restaurant called Estellas on Davis Island in Tampa. Then we parked back on the campus (she works at University of Tampa) and walked over the bridge to the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center. We saw Chorus Line. I think I thought I knew what it was about and was pretty wrong. It was amusing and the dancing was good but it was a for me? Between talking about boobs, butts, molestation, drag queens and homosexuality it was just a little more than I had bargained for. And the usher that yells at people was back again!!! Thats three times in a row with different seats each time and the same usher who yells at everyone. Weird. So it was fun but odd...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I am not officially back or planning a return but I do have a ton of fabric and sample sets to get rid of from my time on ebay...that being said here are the first few listings...

sz 3-5Purrfect Artist

sz 18 mo:French Riviera

sz 12 months:Under the Sea

Monday, February 2, 2009


Tomorrow (Tuesday Feb 3) from 6am-2pm you can get a free Dennys Grand Slam breakfast. In case you wanted to know.

The Shack

I just finished a book called The Shack and it is really truly a book everyone should read. As one review aptly calls it "A guy-meets-God Novel that has literary integrity and spiritual daring." This book loses all steroetypes of what God looks like, behaves like, and is like. It gives new meaning to his name as the great "I AM" and helps to personify the Trinity in ways that allow you to wrap your logical mind around it while still being amazed by the holiness of it.

I recognize that this book is a work of fiction, please make no mistake that I am encouraging you to read something written from someone's imagination. And yet the questions that rise from it and the challenges I feel have been posed to the very core of my belief system are nothing but factual.

So if you are in the mood to be challenged, introspective and moved I highly recommend this book. If you are looking for something simple, an easy read I suggest you stay clear of this one. If you need a copy let me know and I'll make sure you get one.