Monday, March 11, 2013

The Never Ending Week...

Some weeks fly by and I look back and think how did that happen? Where did the time go and how are we all another week older and another week further into a year that is speeding by? But this past was like time stopped. Each day dragged, each night took forever and by the time I called it a night on Friday I was resembling the walking dead!

My day job was stressful and frequent due to a coworker's vacation. My nights were crazy packed as the kids had 4 nights of baseball/ a temps under 50. My body hated me this week as a cold turned into a constant cough that was quite literally so bad I pulled a muscle in my back/neck. And then I had the opportunity of a lifetime to shoot a wedding with the potential of a partnership...on Friday, at the end of my work day, while sick, and having gone without a good night's sleep in a week.

The good news is - its a new day, its a new dawn - I mean its a new week! A doctors visit earned me some heavy duty cough suppressant and an inhaler, and I got a few pictures I feel good about. And my vacation starts in a mere 100 hours!

 photo 03_zps0b29a79e.jpg 

  photo 02_zps3d48bc67.jpg 

 photo 01_zps8174d8f4.jpg

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